Career and dream two big terms for every individual out there seeking to achieve something in this world.


When we look into the meanings of these two words,

CAREER literally means an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

DREAM means a person or thing perceived as wonderful or perfect.

This post is about how we treat these two words in our life. And I feel that this is the right time to discuss it.


A great leader once said Dream is not what you see in sleep. It is the thing that doesn’t let you sleep” by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
We have always been taught to dream big, so is that enough for all of us.

A lot of questions arise in our minds.
Is dreaming alone enough for our future?
Will all our dreams lead us to a prosperous career?

Doing a small amount of research and with some personal experience, I have solved some of the baffling questions in our minds.

It is found that most of the people do not go on the path of their dream and this is mainly due to some influences from our society. Most of us can relate to it.

For instance, a small boy always dreamt of being a dancer but the society and the pressure from the family’s part made him choose a career path totally different from his dream


Is it necessary to dream only careers that bring us a fortune, and is it not necessary to fulfill our heart’s desire?

There is always a big conflict between our HEART and our BRAIN. And most of us try to convince our heart with the brain’s words. Apparently our Brain wins the conflict because our BRAINS words give us a sense of security.

Dreaming is the most valuable gift a person has in their entire life and limiting it to something that has to give a fortune, is a dreadful crime and our society plays the cunning part as a convict in that crime.


The conflict between our brain and our heart happens to everyone and it has no age limit.

There are times when we realize that it is enough, listening to our brain and its time for us to hear our hearts.
Just one small piece of advice on this its never too late to listen to our heart but our health matters a lot so don’t take too much time in this.

I am sure that everyone has a beautiful dream do not forget to live that dream, for we have only one life so enjoy it. And our dreams initially will give us a lot of hurdles to pass through but NEVER GIVE UP.
The fruits of our hard work will lead us to paradise.


In my search for career development and change over I was inspired by this initiative by some great souls.

The website “PICK MY CAREER” has been developed to make a huge difference in everyone’s life. I have seen what all the possible things that it can do. So check out this website

To watch and learn more about it click here.


Even if you are not interested in this website I urge you to spread the word and this can change someone’s life.

So go ahead and change the world with a small step by helping a puzzled person to choose the right career and guide them to their dream.

The best way to conclude is choose your DREAM CAREER.

My piece of thought for all the wonderful soul’s out there:

Go with your heart, no matter whatever comes in the middle of it work hard to pass over it. It might start as a small trail but it leads to a beautiful waterfall.
So enjoy the fruits of your dream no matter what others think or say about us.

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