There is and there will be always a huge fan base for POLKA DOTS, but we have never known its antiquity.

For some of us with 90’s memories, when I say polka dots, we never forget to remember 101 dalmatians and the wicked lady.
I even had a nightmare with that lady, her attire and her tone were scary and creepy.
And those dubbed movies in our mother tongue adds to it. I always enjoyed them a lot.


The term polka dots were derived loosely from the Czech language, where polka means ‘polish woman” or “little woman” It is even agreed that the name “polka” was coined after the polka dance.

In the mid-1800s, people embraced polka craze and they even formed polka clubs.
Until the 20th century, there was a huge polka craze. There was a huge polka dot wave in the 19th century.


A huge fanbase for polka dots among kids started with the famous cartoon “MICKEY & MINNIE“. Where Minnie was a craze about her polka dots dress. There was an episode were Minnie hosted a polka dots party.
This created a huge craze for polka dots in children.

There was another remarkable cartoon character that was portraited in BATMANS comic books. It was a “POLKA DOT MAN“. He wore a bizarre suit for his criminal venture.
The Polka dot man used his suite for weapons (like a fireball), transportation, etc.


There is a huge market for polka dots even today, and this would have been impossible if there were no machines.
Polka dots were in imagination and it came to reality after the invention of the machine (i.e. after the industrial revolution). Before which polka dots were a clumsy set of dots and was not valued much.

After the introduction of machine Polka dots, the definition changed. They were a uniform set of dots arranges in a precise and evenly spaced pattern.


Centuries ago Polka dots were a symbol of “plaque”. This made Polka dots quite miserable.
This continued until the 19th century was the Polka Dance craze started and the Polka dots got a renowned recognition.

So, people wearing polka dots centuries ago their attire symbolized “plaque”.


The clothes with polka dots were widely worn by both female and male populations in late ’80s. Moreover, the polka dots were popular among bridegrooms, where the person wears a polka dots bow tie. It always added to the look.

A quick and stylish fashion note for men:
A dark color such as navy blue along with a pattern like polka dots is unlikely to offend anyone in an interview.

Looking for a relaxed casual attire then pair polka dot shirt with a grey chino.

A huge percentage of women’s love or at least like polka dots attire and I bet women will have at least one polka dot attire.
A tip for women polka dot lovers out there….

Try wearing a scary this adds contrast to the busy dress pattern. Wear a scarf loop knot or circle.

Wear shoes that have solid color instead of ones with design and multiple patterns.

Summing up POLKA DOTS have always been in our lives and we have not considered it much. But after reading this article, I guess some of us will feel the bond that polka dots have been doing in our life.

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