We all know our feet are on the ground and thanks to “GRAVITY” for that. Also, we cannot forget the apple and tree story of Sir Issac Newton.

Gravity has always helped us a lot.
Imagine without gravity most of our favorite sports (football, cricket, etc) would have been a dream to many of us.

While playing cricket if a player hits the ball for six the funny part would have been that the ball would have been flying in sky and rest would have been history.

Most of us would have experienced a fall like a fall from a building, a fall from our bed, or a fall from the stairs and if there was no gravity we would have been floating (I don’t know but how long but it would be cool and weird to experience that).

What if all the waterfalls were to move up rather than falling down. ( I wonder they would have been named them water ups).


Nature is cool and some times has weird stuffs to showcase us.

One such cool and weird stuff is ZERO-GRAVITY areas on Earth. Yes, there are some mysterious and creepy regions on Earth where the Gravity is almost ZERO.

Spoiler alert: There are some scientific explanations for all these places lets not ruin our surprises with that.


First in the order is the a mysterious spot at Santa Cruz.

Have you always wondered to be like spiderman walking on the walls and to stand upside?
Then this is the right spot for all the superheroes to go beyond.

At this place, people can walk on the walls without falling, stand upside down and so all stuff that is against gravity.
One credit point is that you will not fall and get yourself hurt.

Get cool perspective of this place by visiting their site mystery spot.

Spoiler alert: It seems to be an optical illusion after all. But its worth a try.


This place has a ‘ANTI-GRAVITY HILL’ or ‘MYSTERY HILL’.

Mount ARAGATS place saves a lot of our vehicle’s fuel. Because in order to climb the mountain we need not turn on the engine here.

So some people experimented with some cool stuff here.
When they laid their football at the bottom of the hill to everyone’s surprise the ball climbed up the hill rather than falling down the hill.

All looks like magic ‘KABOOM‘.
On the whole, this is a place where ‘DOWN IS UP AND UP IS DOWN


At the Hoover dam, if you see people pouring water into the bridge don’t get surprised or worry if people have gone crazy.
These people are not witches and also the place is also not haunted.

Here when water is poured above from the dam’s structure water does not fall down instead it goes up.

Don’t get excited SPOILER ALERT ahead.

The water moves up instead of going down, this is because the winds updraft velocity(the same velocity that acts on airplane wings) is huge at this place.

And that is why when water is poured down it moves up instead of going down.


Australia has 4 surprising magnetic hills.

  • Bowen Mountain in New South Wales.
  • Moonbi in New South Wales (near Tamworth).
  • Orroroo in South Australia.
  • Near Hanging Rock in Woodend.

This place is analogous to MOUNT ARAGATS(Turkey).

So here again everything goes up instead of going down.
And the more fascinating fact is that it is easy for people to walk up the hill and it takes a lot of effort to walk down the hill. Just anomaly to a conventional hill.


There is a waterfall in India that goes up instead of going down. And it is at Naneghat near Pune.

And again updraft velocity is so high that water goes up instead of going down. Guess this is one great place to visit.

To everyone’s amaze, there are many places that have magnetic hills, reverse waterfalls. To know if your place has one such hill click here.

For more fascinating post visit ulterior-minds.

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