This is an article were our mother “nature” speaks with us.

Greetings to all my loved ones out there.

I have always treated everyone like my child. You were the ones who gave me the delights of motherhood I owe you all. I was watching every small step you took forward.
But just like all other kids you were too stubborn to obey me, and I never wanted to disappoint you. So, I bent some family ground rules just for you all.

When you played with me it hurt me a lot, but mothers don’t complain about their children. So, I tried to enjoy it even though it hurt me a lot.

When you dumped me with plastic, I found it hard to breathe. And we lost many of our fertile uncles because of our rivaling relative plastic.
When you dug me out, I bled a lot. And the bleeding took years to clot. My heart pounded and hurt me a lot.

I cared about our marine family but my dear children, you could have been much kinder to them for we lost your aunt in this tragic event.
Your aunt Catarina Pupfish always loved you guys and she still loves you. One fact is that she is not with us today to show us the love she had towards us.

You threw garbage and chocked me. Believe me, the pain was excruciating
You dug half of me with painful bulldozers. It produced some of my permanent scars.
You cut down half of our green family side.
You’re hurting our blue loved ones.
You are making it hard for me, as well as for you to breathe by covering our friend “THE SKY” with smoke.

Whenever you hurt me, I just think of the old days, when you totally depended on me and I get flashes of those cute little eyes that I always gaze upon when you were on my lap. I wished you were inside my lap, but your grandfather “TIME” just made it impossible.

I usually have heated conversation with your aunty “RAIN” and she usually argues with me. But she understands a mother’s pain and she showers for you.
At one point your aunt wanted to teach all of you an unforgettable lesson once. That is when she flooded you, my child. And I went running to your great uncle “SUN” for help. Who was very generous to shine out and save you my dear ones.

You were always frightened of your father “THE CREATOR“. And always come running to me when you were scared of your father.
My child, your father is a fierce and bold man. So never mess with him and always have him as your first hero.

I always wanted you to have what was good for you, but you always misunderstood me. My love, I care for you, but our whole family is suffering now, and fingers are pointed towards me.

I wanted to ask a few questions to you my folks
Am I a bad mom?
Have I set a bad example to you, my dear children?

I care for all of you, but now all our relatives are mad at you my child, so with a heavy heart, I am being tough with you guys at present. Do not panic I will come and save you all from this dreadful situation.
I cannot see your sufferings, and my tears are filled with blood now, I am there for you all and I will rescue all of you from this pandemic.

Just like before have your hopes on me “I love you guys and I will fight for all of you. Mommy is there for all of you



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