A small yet thoughtful imaginary incident where a person narrates his story of what is real life.

It was our family picnic day and I was enjoying each and every minute of it. I was just crossing a lane to reach the picnic spot and suddenly I was hit by a truck an unexpected event, I woke up and I felt light-headed I was surprised that I had no injury on me. 

When I got up and looked down, I was shocked. I saw myself lying down like a dead person surrounded by blood. Everyone around me was trying to help me, my family was crying I was able to feel their pain. 

I tried consoling them but I was not even able to even touch them. Reality then struck me, “I WAS DEAD“. I cried near my body for a very long time.  


Then I saw a bright light and I started hearing a voice.
The depth of the voice increased as I approached the light. The light was very bright and so I was only able to see a shadow.

I shouted out to the shadow “Who are you?”. The voice replied “I am the one who created everything”
I was shocked and asked, “Are you, GOD?”. The voice replied, “No, that is what you people call me down on earth”.

And then I questioned the voice, “Why am I here? Is my time down on earth over?”
The voice calmly replied, “Isn’t this the one that you wanted. I have heard you always grudging over your life. And apart from that, you have also cursed me sometimes. Don’t you remember.”
Then I was able to remember my hard times when I used to curse GOD for my life.

The voice then replied, “I have just granted your wish, haven’t I”.
I was startled and spellbound. I just kept on saying “no, no, no, no. This isn’t supposed to happen. I have a lot of unfinished work down there. I cannot leave my family alone. Please send me back.”

Tears dropped down from my eyes and I felt my cheeks getting wet because of the tears. The hands of the shadow reached out to my cheek and wiped my tears. I felt it so comforting.


The voice then started saying, ” When you were living you wanted to be free from all the pressures and stress, and now when you are free from all those things you want to go back. So, what does all this mean?”

I sobbed and then replied ” I wanted to live in peace but not like this. I am leaving my family peaceless. This is not what I wanted”.
The voice questioned me “So what do you want?”.

Without a moment thinking I said “I want to go back. I want to see my family”.


The voice replied, “That is not so easy my boy. so, let us see some interesting things. Can you list some of the good things that you have done on Earth”?
I was baffled so I pointed out some charities that I contributed to, some social services I volunteered.

The voice just said, ” I am so distressed with the way I have made you people. Partly it’s my fault too. Some of you think that charity and social services are the only things that are good things to do. Just remember giving money cannot make things right.
I wanted to know what big difference that you made on your time on Earth”.

In the urge of going back, I spontaneously replied, “Aren’t these good things to be counted”. The voice replied “I gave everyone a beautiful home, a wonderful environment to live in and what you people have done with that itself makes my heart hurt very badly.
And to make it worst you threw plastic, garbage just like that from your car window, you have never planted a tree in your whole lifetime. And you have a 3 storey building just for 4 people to live in. So, what does these count for.”


The voice then said “After you die you just need a 6 feet ground and even on that ground later on plants start to grow. The funny part is that you won’t be able to see anything after you die.
So, you answer my question Why were you saving things that are not possible for you to take with you, after your life on Earth. And you say that charity and social services are the good things that you have done”.

A crucial decisive argument was laid in front of me. The voice asked me, “Now tell me what you will do if a soul like you has come after their work on Earth”.
I was dumbfounded and the right thing to do was to send the soul to a place that is other than paradise. I was honest with my answer.

The voice just replied, “So it’s time for you to go then”. I was puzzled, I had trouble breathing I felt like someone was pulling me very hard and I started feeling pain.
The voice started to fade away but the last words of the voice were “MAKE IT RIGHT THIS TIME”.
After a few minutes, I felt my presence back on Earth, the paramedics have revived me back from death. At that moment, he felt everything was surreal.

After recovering from the hospital, he started initiatives for helping children, planting trees, and cleaning the town. I moved out of my fancy house to a small house in town.
He was lucky because he got a second chance.

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  • Karthick Ganesan

    Good message! It is when a human realizes that they are getting close to their death every passing moment they can think about the people around them and the society. If we know this and realize this at the right time we will start to strive for the community and the environment. Making it right… Now!

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