This is the climax of a series of unsolved mysteries. Please read part-1 and part-2 of the series before diving into the climax.


Chelsea was questioned where she was the night when Mark was killed. She stated that she was with her mother and her children. The officers confirmed Chelsea’s alibi by investigating Chelsea’s house security system, her CCTV footage, and her neighbor’s CCTV footage as well.

More disappointing news rushed in, one of the prime suspects John (Former head of accounts at Mark’s office) admitted in the hospital, unfortunately, passed away.


The cop’s attention turned towards Mark’s car driver who had a head injury. They discovered that Mark’s front gate had a CCTV installed and to confirm that the car driver was not present on that day officers investigated the footage.

But the officers noted down a very important detail there.
The car driver was not present that day, but the focus shifted to a different person. The gardener who stated that he left early that day was found leaving Mark’s house around 9 pm.

Cops did not disclose any of the facts and maintained that the car driver was the prime suspect. Gardener David was brought into the suspect radar. He was followed and was watched very closely. Meanwhile, a background check was done on David’s procession. The procession list made David more and more suspicious.

David owned a house that had two floors and a very big back yard. He also had a luxurious car. It was found that his house and his car were brought a few days before Mark’s death. Everything added to the sense of suspicion.


Soon David was brought into custody for a crucial investigation. The mystery started to unwind itself.

The case took a sharp turn when David was being followed, he met George (CEO of the rivaling company) a couple of times in a mall’s parking lot.
The meetings were completely anonymous. David was subjected to a vigorous investigation where he came up with the truth.
He confessed that he was the one to kill Mark for which he was paid by George.


David described what actually happened that night.
David broke into the house through the back door to which he had access. Then he reached Mark’s room, but he found that Mark was not in his bed.

He searched the entire house and as it was dark, he hit himself on a nail that was peeping out of Mark’s wooden window frame, which led to a small bruise with few drops of blood. Soon Mark came back to his room drinking tea.

David went and hid inside Mark’s closet and now when Mark entered his room, he waited for Mark to fall asleep.
Mark fell asleep for a minute, but David accidentally stepped on something inside the closet that made a huge sound. Mark woke up, and as he was very tired and exhausted, he limped towards the closet to see what was that sound.

Drowsy Mark was not able to find anything as David immediately hid behind a bunch of clothes. After closing the closet David did not wait, he hit Mark with an iron rod at the back of his head. Mark fell down the floor unconscious.
David made sure that his handprints were not laid anywhere in the room for which he used a glove. David carried him to the bed and cut his wrist. Then he made Mark hold the knife in his hand and left the knife near his cut wrist.


David confessed that he received a huge sum of money from George after killing Mark. Everything was pre-planned.
After the investigation was completed with David, the cops went in search of George, but he went missing. Soon a search party was organized, and George was trying to escape out of town. He was captured near a highway and was arrested.

A clear cut investigation was carried out with George, where an unexpected truth came to spotlight. John (Former head of accounts at Mark’s office) was also aware of the murder plot and threatened George. And so George commanded his men to kill John. George’s exact words were Put him into a deep sleep and make sure he does not wake up“.


After the investigation with David and John, both the criminals were taken to the court for justice.

A brief investigation was made by the magistrate, who declared that the verdict will be announced the next day.

The whole town gathered near the court for the verdict.
The magistrate read out the verdict where both David and George were pronounced guilty. And David was sentenced to single lifetime imprisonment and George was sentenced to three-lifetime imprisonment without any sort of bail to be applied by both of them in the future.


The whole mystery brings to light “MONEY MAKES MANY THINGS”.

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