Did you know that when you were born you just had two fears: One was fear of LOUD SOUNDS and the other one was fear of FALLING.
I usually get curious when I see videos of babies playing with snakes and spiders, the above reason has fed my curiosity.

Initially, we only have fear of LOUD SOUNDS and FALLING. So I guess it would have been nice to stay that way, but we have to grow up.
So this indicates that all the other phobias that we have are most probably acquired ones in the course of our life.
Everyone will now be thinking “Damn, I didn’t know that those small insects can do big things in my life. I should have been kinder with them, regrets“.

WHO ARE YOU?- Hi, My name is PHOBIA

A phobia is an exaggerated and irrational fear.

The word phobia comes from the GREEK word PHOBOS which means “aversion“, “fear” or “morbid fear“.
Sounds a built creepy that in ancient greek mythology Phobos was the twin brother of Deimos (terror).


Some crazy list to distinguish fear from phobia is given below-


  • Feeling anxious while flying through turbulence or taking off.
  • Experiencing butterflies while peering down the top of a skyscraper.


  • Not going to your siblings wedding just because you have to fly.
  • Turning down your dream job because it’s on the 12th floor of the office.


This article is mainly intended to spotlight one of the weirdest PHOBIA that I have come across so far.
And that is NOMOPHOBIA
If you expand the word you will know how weird it is NO MO PHOBIA– NO MOBILE PHONE PHOBIA.


This fear is described as an extreme fear of not having your phone or not being able to use it.
Most of us depend on our devices for information and of course, at present we are into a lot of social networking. Just imagine suddenly you are not having your phone.

I become restless and think about my photos, my contacts the list goes on. This phobia is making me get chills.
So if you become restless or if you become anxious about not having your mobile phone then it’s better to check this out.


According to a 2019 research, 53 % of BRITISH people who have a phone from 2008 became anxious when they didn’t have their phone, had no service, or had a dead battery.

In India, the NOMOPHOBIA study was conducted among male undergraduate students in Health Service. And it was found that 23% of students were labeled to have nomophobia, 64% were likely to develop nomophobia.
And almost 77% of students checked their phones more than 35 times per day.



  • Previously I was able to remember at least 30 contacts. But now it has become quite impossible for me.
  • We are forgetting to cherish the moment. Instead, we go on recording videos when we go to our favorite festivals.
  • Back then we remembered our close friend’s birthday and we urged to wish them at 12’o clock and now this has been taken care of by my calendar now.
  • Now for many people, their phone reminds them of their train or flight journey.
  • The worst-case scenario is that for many people phone reminds them to drink water, seriously it has gone to its extreme.


The sole purpose of a mobile phone was to call and for establishing communication.
But now it’s purpose has changed completely.

We people get annoyed when our parents ask us to do some work but if the same work is reminded by our phone in the name of “chores” we don’t complain.
Our lifestyle has completely changed, like the food at our doorstep, speaking to your family and friends abroad.
Mobile phones have their own pros and cons, but we have to limit ourselves.

One best example would be me. Every Sunday I get an average “screen time”, the funny part is that my mobile tells me my screen time. One Sunday the average was around 13 hours and calculating it per day it was around 8 hours.
I felt guilty. But I am not to be blamed here lockdown and online series did this. Oh god, I am blaming a non-living thing now. Guess I should try some preventive measures.

But jokes apart our mobile phone is reminding us and making us feel guilty.
This has to STOP.


  • Try turning off your phone for a few hours and enjoy talking to your loved ones in person. Slowly increase your time of switching off your phone.
  • Read your favorite books (not online do not cheat yourself)
  • Write poems, stories ( I will tell you this is the best distraction from our phones)
  • There is always a sleeping creator in all of us wake up the creator in you and create new things, draw awesome stuff that is around you.

Albert Einstein rightfully said “Mankind invented the atom bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mouse trap”.

So it’s time for us to use TECHNOLOGY for creative purposes and it should never distract us. We should urge and bring us out of this phobia before its too late.

CONCERN: I know that many of us will be reading this article on their mobile phone, this puts me at a pang of great guilt. Apologies!!!

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