The benefits and how valuable a small seed like FENUGREEK can be has been explained in my previous post. To read more about the values of the little angel click here.

This post is to enlighten our spirits with some awesome tricks and hacks to make the best use of the seeds.


Most of us are crazy about green tea because of its anti-oxidizing property. But FENUGREEK seeds also have an anti-oxidizing property and this might help us have a changeover.

The steps involved in FENUGREEK TEA are:

  1. Crush the seeds with a mortar and pestle Do not powder it just crush or you can directly use the seeds.
  2. Add the crushed seeds or the washed seeds to boiling water.
  3. You can also add some other ingredients like tea leaf, ginger, and other herbs that you feel like (this will add more flavor and aroma to the tea).
  4. Cover the boiling tea container and let it boil for 3 minutes.
  5. Strain through a tea strainer.
  6. You can sweeten the tea with either honey or stevia.

The tea is ready you can either drink it hot or add ice cubes and have an ice tea.


  • This tea helps in regulating our blood glucose levels. Thus, helping us to control diabetes.
  • It gives brisk energy to the body and boosts our digestion and metabolic process.
  • Recent studies show that the tea can help treat asthma.
  • The tea contains linolenic and linoleic acids, where both of the components are anti-inflammatory. Hence this tea has a great effect on arthritis symptoms.
  • The tea also helps in weight loss, lowers cholesterol level, helps to reduce risks of heart disease.


I would always recommend adding fenugreek seeds in our daily cooking (if possible). It adds an unforgettable flavor and its aroma is quite alluring.
Fenugreek powder would act as a doctor in your kitchen.

Just roast the seeds in a dry pan and grind the seeds into a powder.
Try using the powder at least in two of your meals and that will do the magic.


FENUGREEK plant can be grown by everyone at our home. And it can be done with or without soil.

  • Choose the seeds and they are easy to find in your kitchen.
  • Then prepare the soil and container.
  • The roots of this plant are very small hence a shallow container is also good to go.
  • Ensure that the container has 2-3 holes at the bottom of the container (to ensure the outflow of excess water).
  • After sowing the seeds into the soil, moisturize the soil periodically. Remember do not use too much or too little water.
  • Regularly monitor if the soil is moist.


It will approximately take 10-12 days for the small plants to show up.
We can cut the small plants leaving the roots of the plant in the soil. This ensures that the plant growth is not interrupted.

If you are interested in getting seeds from the plant, then allow the plant to grow.
The plant starts to blossom with flowers and then develop fruits.


The fruit of the plant looks like a bean and when we open them one can find FENUGREEK SEEDS.

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