We have been quite insensitive to a lot of miraculous green things around us. And this insensitivity has led to the loss of an immense amount of valuable and remarkable plants around us.

Worries apart here is an amazing plant, and the amazing part is that we can use them all(all their parts have medicinal aspects). And the miraculous star is “FENUGREEK PLANT“.


In general, all parts of the plant can be used, and they are capable of adding distinguished flavor as well as help us with our health while we enjoy our favorite food.

Some really and awesome dishes that are made with FENUGREEK SEEDS are:

NON-VEGETARIANS: The fish curry made with FENUGREEK seeds and gingelly oil, really has an everlasting effect on your palate.

This recipe is almost like, a medicine with all possible herbs and fish has its own medicinal values.
This recipe will make even the fish haters to try it out at least once and the magic happens.
Click here for the recipe.

VEGETARIANS: FENUGREEK and potato dish is a feast to your taste buds

Check out the recipe for potato and fenugreek dish click here.

ALERT: After watching the recipe and its videos I was very hungry. So do not watch these recipe videos if you are hungry it just makes it worst.


The cute little plant has a lot of medicinal values. Here are some of it:


The plant acts as a security or a warden who monitors our blood sugar level and maintains them at their limits.

This miracle does a lot on its part in controlling diabetes.
The plant is high in soluble fibers, which helps to lower the blood sugar. And it does that by slowing down digestion and improving the absorption of carbohydrates.

Check out the FENUGREEK capsule above

Several clinical trials have been conducted with fenugreek and the seed improved the metabolic symptoms associated with TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 diabetes, by lowering blood glucose level and improving glucose tolerance.

CAUTION: It is reported that the seeds can lower the blood sugar level to an alarming value and this might cause hypoglycemia.
So, it is better to get a consultation from your physician before getting into this.


These seeds are like a wonder woman, helping us cut out some unwanted extra inches.

GALACTOMANNAN water-soluble component is found in fenugreek seed and this suppresses the appetite.

Also the seeds boost our metabolism and digestion.


These seeds are rich in fiber and antioxidants. So, they flush out the harmful toxins in our body and make us feel fresh and calm.

And on the whole, the craze for green tea can also be channeled to FENUGREEK tea. It has some unique flavor and the aroma is just awesome.

The seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties and they help in a lot of ways by curing our sudden stomach aches, and some mild inflammatory issues.

These seeds have been found to be helpful in arthritis because of their anti-inflammatory property. But still, it is under research.


There are a lot more interesting and jaw-dropping facts about this little angel. Other fascinating facts are:

  • Helps in fighting cancer.
  • Removes dandruff from your scalp.
  • Lowers body temperature.
  • Reduces risks of heart disease.
  • Helps cure mouth ulcer, stomach ulcer.

The list goes on but before going into using the plant for any of your serious illnesses please consult your physician.


Are you interested in getting a pimple-free face then here is your gift? Use the FENUGREEK face pack and experience the change.

The anti-inflammatory property of FENUGREEK can help you clear out the pimple. Also, this pack is very useful for dry, rough, and flaky skin.

  1. Soak the seed in warm water overnight.
  2. The next morning grind the seeds along with the soaked water. You can also drink the excess soaked water as a tea in the morning.
  3. After grinding the seed into a paste add honey, yogurt, and a pinch of turmeric.
  4. The pack is now ready for use. Apply the pack for 15 minutes and rinse it off and we are good to go

This seed pack has a lot of properties like anti-aging property, moisturizes the skin, reduces acne, exfoliates your skin to a very large extent, and above all it cleanse our skin.



Following this post, I will be posting some more cool and helpful facts about the little angel.

So, stay tuned with ulterior-minds.

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