Human system has a lot of unsolved riddles and still remains a complex system.

One such surprising and amazing fact is that some of us can smell, taste, and even hear some abstract things like color, day, music, and so on.
This concept is described by the term SYNESTHESIA.


Synesthesia means to blend the 5 senses together (like hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, sensing).
For instance, a person with synesthesia can taste color or they can touch smell, etc.

The next question will be Is it possible?
I have tried to answer this question in this post.


The world holds endless mysteries and untold stories one such event would be synesthesia.
Our brain connectivity and its performance are still an unsolved mystery in the field of science and it always surprises us.

The concept of synesthesia is also due to the complex connectivity involved in our brain.
The fact behind this amazing skill is CROSS-ACTIVATION.

CROSS-ACTIVATION: is the process of hyperconnectivity between different areas in the brain at different stages causing a genetic mutation that causes effective pruning.

In simple words, there are some areas of our brain that are never connected together. But due to some reasons connectivity is being established like the number and color area are connected.

By this way, the number of weak neurons is reduced to a large extent and this develops an effective synaptic configuration(i.e an effective SenseSphere)


Around 80 different synesthesias have been reported so far and this is still under research.
Some interesting types of synesthesia are:

Chromesthesia: Seeing sounds in colors

Here a person sees sounds (like car honking, drilling, etc) or music in the form of colors, shapes, or objects.

Grapheme Synesthesia: See your letters here

In this type a person perceives letters and numbers as color.

For instance, a person sees a red color when the letter ‘A’ is shown to them and this is incredible.

Calendar Synesthesia: See the day and experience the year

This type is quiet fascinating. The person see days and can sense the year.

Like they see Wednesday as yellow color and years can take any shape like circle, square etc.

To know more about the types of SYNESTHESIA visit


Who knows you might also be a Syntheses? To find out if you are a Syntheses click here to take a test.

Don’t worry if your scores are not up to the mark here is a way to develop your senses and increase the cross-activation in your brain and excel with your senses.

MEDITATION can increase our SenseSphere.And in this way, you can teach yourself to be a Synesthete.
Here is a link if you want to learn synesthesia SynesthesiaSensorium

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