Hello Everyone,

I am sad that I am about to end myself, I have been a disappointment to everyone.

Many people have chosen me when they were out of options and when they felt defeated. And for that, I feel ashamed of myself. The truth is that everyone who chose me deserves a place on this planet.
The one who does not deserve a place here in this paradise is me. So I am ready for my final goodbyes.

To everyone out there, we have no right to take our own lives, for this life is given to you after a lot of sacrifices. And do not forget your birth was celebrated, it had given immense joy to a lot of people especially to your loved ones.
Before choosing me just think about your loved ones and the sacrifices they have done for you.

We all have a lot of unfinished businesses that give meaning to your life. Everyone is born to achieve something so do not cut the line of your achievement by emotionally choosing me.
If you feel defeated revive back with a strong and heavy soul, that would crack everything which made you feel defeated.

Do not let the situation win over your mind and soul. Even if it was the last chance to achieve something and if you lose. Never mind that thing does not deserve your hard work and so move on.

I am damn sure I am not the right person to give advice but it is a gentle reminder to everyone out there. Please listen to your loved ones you may not understand what they are going through but you can always be there and lend a shoulder to them.

I end my note here. And I am ready to sacrifice myself to make the world a better place. As a last wish, I want everyone out there to make sure that the world is in peace by just listening to others. When they just need a shoulder to lean on.

This note is dedicated to everyone who chose me when they had no one to lean onto. Never make that mistake again.

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